To read prior to making your first post

Housing available for sale or rent by Mayo Fellows Association students, residents and fellows.
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This forum has an auto-prune function enabled that will automatically delete posts after 6 months. Please delete your post if your property sells prior to this timepoint to avoid unnecessary phone calls and emails, as well as to help keep the listings as up-to-date as possible.

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To read prior to making your first post

Postby mayores » January 7th, 2010, 12:52 am

* The ability to post to this board is a select benefit of MFA membership. :!: All new accounts are moderated, i.e. You will not be approved until we have validated your MFA membership status. Please select a username or email address that allows us to identify you when you request an account.

* :arrow: If you are an incoming resident or fellow you are not an MFA member (yet), however you do NOT need to register in order to browse the site and contact MFA members regarding their posts by email or telephone. An account is necessary only to post listings or replies to the board itself.

* If you are NOT an MFA member, you could consider posting to the general Mayo classified ads as an alternative.

* Any post we suspect is not a property owned by you will be deleted. For example, your spouse is a realtor and you post multiple homes for sale. Repeated violations will result in your account being deleted, IP address being banned, and you no longer being allowed to post on the site.

* Pictures are encouraged, but should be posted on an external website of your choosing if you need more than a few megabytes of space, with a link to your ad (most modern web browsers automatically detect links beginning with http:// or www and therefore no special coding of your post, ie. HTML programming, is required on your part... simply type or cut-and-paste your URL).

* Feel free to be detailed, but DO NOT post multiple copies of your property. Ads are printed as a hard copy to be sent to people outside of Mayo who request it.

* When your house is sold/rented, please delete your listing. This is as a courtesy to others, to keep the list current, to assure outgoing mailings are updated, AND so that you don't continue to receive unwanted emails.

* The list is usually fairly short during non-peak times of the year. This is because we utilize an auto-pruning function that deletes posts EVERY 6 MONTHS. The list becomes fairly busy during the Spring.
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