3 Bedroom 1 Bath Walk to Mayo Clinic June 3, 2018 $1600

Housing available for sale or rent by Mayo Fellows Association students, residents and fellows.
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3 Bedroom 1 Bath Walk to Mayo Clinic June 3, 2018 $1600

Postby giffey.broc@mayo.edu » May 3rd, 2016, 7:29 am

Available June 3, 2018. 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Home for rent. Only blocks from Mayo Clinic. 1 block from New Horizon Daycare. Very clean house and yard. Quiet neighborhood. Beautiful home that was fully renovated. All new appliances, New furnace and A/C. For more information please email or call.

All Lawn care, snow removal, garbage and recycling are provided by owner. Tenant is responsible for all other utilities. NO PETS, NO SMOKING.

$1600/month 1 year lease options

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